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Performance Auto Sound 509-529-4500 to get your heated seats installed today! Call to stop those cold mornings while waiting for that car to heat up!

heated seats, seat warmers, seat heater kits, dual temperature, heated auto seat, temperature control, automotive heated seatsOh, what driver doesn’t hate the chilliness of sitting in a cold car in the dead of winter waiting for your car to warm up?  In Washington, there always seems to be more chilly days than warm and sunny days during the year, especially during the winter months.  You owe it to yourself to have professionals install heated seats in your car…not only is it a luxury that everyone can afford, but once you have heated seats in your car, it is so hard to go back to the regular blowing hot air of the heat system that dries out your skin and burns your eyes.

Heated seats warm up to 105-115 degrees in two to three minutes and can heat from the bottom of the chair and the lower back of the seat, depending on the model.  Using the air heat in a car can take up to 15 minutes to get warm and keep the car toasty…all the while you shiver in your car!  Heated seats make your commute to or from work that much more comfortable by allowing you to get in your car and go in heated tranquility.  You should call Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington, today to install heated seats in your car!

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Another added bonus of having heated seats is that the driver and passengers can control the amount of heat that is put out on the seats.  We can install many different seat heater adjustments to allow each passenger in the car to have their own level of heat on their own seat!  Never again will you hear one of your passengers saying that they are too hot or too cold during your car trips.  With a personalized heated seat for each person, everyone is happy and warm during the ride in your car or truck.  Heated seats make long holiday trips to see family a friends part of the luxury of the vacation.

Our professional team is experienced in all of the professional installation methods.  No one wants a faulty heated-seat system and that is why you need to contact the professional team that has the experience to back up their claims.  Don’t find a cheap deal when it comes to heated seats.  You want an installation that you can trust and Performance Auto Sound provides the best customer service so you leave feeling secure in your choice!

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At Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington your heated seats installation can be set to have safety features installed, like a one-hour safety shut-off mechanism.  Your car or truck can also have the option of the heated seats installation coming with compatibility to a remote starter, so the cars seats are nice and toasty when you put the car in drive!  Our professional team is experienced in installing and adjusting heated seats in many different styles of cars.  We’ll walk you through the process and show you how to use your newest car luxury.  Let us make your drive to work less of a drag by installing heated seats today!  Also, remember that heated seats make the perfect winter gift for loved ones.  You’ll be glad you installed heated seats in your vehicle.



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