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No driver enjoys getting lost driving a car down a city street or country road.  No driver enjoys getting lost on the way to a large event or job interview in a foreign town.  No driver enjoys getting lost while driving to a new retail store or to lunch with old friends.  Let’s face it, no driver enjoys getting lost at all in a car!  It is a stressful event that is absolutely avoidable in today’s technological age.  Why ever have to wonder where your next turn is or have your passenger play map-reader for you?  Why connect with an online map search and write down turn-by-turn directions before traveling?  With a navigation system installed in your car you’ll never wonder where you’re driving to, if there are car accidents ahead, where the next traffic jam is, where the next toll is, or how far away the next gas station is.  Call Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington 509-529-4500 to get your new navigation system installed today!

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Dash board navigation systems are much safer than the portable GPS systems as they are attached to your cars interior and are not easy targets for thieves.  Also, dash navigation systems are mounted in yours internal frame, which makes them less likely to be lost in your car or lose power while in the middle of a car trip in unknown territory.  GPS systems have a plugged-in wire, which can be very dangerous if not appropriately placed over the wheel or under the wheel.  Plus the GPS must be mounted on top of the dashboard, which directly obstructs the drivers view of the road.  Most imbedded GPS systems can also be verbally plugged, so your hands can stay where they need to be…on the wheel.

Performance Auto Sound provides state-of-the-art navigation systems that are the most up to date and provide the newest technology for your car travels.  Why should you spend a fortune adding a GPS navigation system in your car when you first buy it?  Installation at Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington will fit any budget and will leave you with options of updating your system as newer technology becomes available.  This not only won’t break the bank, but will allow you the freedom to change your cars internal decor over the years and not be stuck with an old navigation system that lacks the newest technology available.

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GPS systems are the most thoughtful gift for new drivers who aren’t familiar with the twists and turns of the Washington roads.  Many GPS systems provide have safety features that block using the system while in motion, making new drivers even safer when on the roads.  An installed navigation system uses a map, but also a sound system to tell the driver the distance and direction of the next driving turn.  Having an installed navigation system is like having an experienced driver in the passenger seat, so parents can be worry-free at home!

Our team at Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington 509-529-4500 is expertly trained in the installation of all types of in-dash navigation systems and can help you develop your navigation system stylized to your cars needs and your likes.  Our team can help you learn how to use your navigation system and assist in programming features on your installed GPS to make your life easier.  Let us take the guesswork out of your driving schedule.  Having a navigation system installed in your car will make driving to new or old locations a breeze as most GPS systems have specifications for avoiding traffic, tolls, bridges, and highways.  Call Performance Auto Sound in Walla Walla, Washington 509-529-4500 today to set up your appointment.

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